Thoughts I Had During Game 2

Since CardsCards is a loser and will not be posting tonight, I will be flying solo for tonight’s game. What would you do without me, CC?

Many people wonder, “What goes through the mind of the great Carly Schaber during a Cardinals game?” Well, I don’t know if anybody really wonders that.  But, in case you really were wondering, I decided to put my laptop in my lap during the whole game and write down what I’m thinking. If you follow me on Twitter, you know my thoughts are…entertaining.

So, for your entertainment, here is an unfiltered list of thoughts I had during game 2 of 164.


“Why in the actual seven hells is Molina batting 5th?”

“Why is this lineup even a thing, anyways?”

“Cool. FS Midwest said that Niese would have a hard time striking us out. Guess what he did with our first two batters?”

“Holliday grounds out, it wasn’t a GIDP. So at least we have that going for us.”

“No offense. Figures.”

“Brandon Moss did something!”

“2-0. Second inning. Comeback Cards? Too soon?”

“OH MY GOD ALEDMYS DIAZ *fan girling because I have been waiting for this moment forever*”




“That base running was….really good.”

“So now that the Cardinals are playing some baseball, there is a chance that I will NOT cry myself to sleep tonight.”

“I’m hungry. Need mac and cheese.”


“Remind me why I didn’t put McCutchen on my fantasy team again?”

“PISCOTTY JUST THREW OUT MCCUTCHEN. WHAT IS LIFE?…Still should’ve put him on my fantasy team, though.”

“That was a cool throw. Although, Twitter is all like ‘Jason who?’ ‘Piscotty > Heyward’…it’s funny because we are in denial and we don’t want to admit it.”

“I will definitely be losing followers.”

“Wow…we’re winning!”

“Yeah, Wes. I’m sure you do love Wacha’s curves.”

“I guess this mac and cheese won’t be making itself.”

“Piscotty just hit a triple and I just shed a tear of joy.”

“Why doesn’t Holliday’s forearms have their own zip code?”

“I think Randal Grichuk is in another zip code…at least his mind is.”

“It is my life-long dream to take a selfie with Jim Hayes.”

“Like this.”

“I put too much milk in my mac and cheese. This is more tragic than Matheny’s managing.”

“….ok maybe not that tragic.”

“Diaz just made an error. Now I’m even more upset.”

“Bases are loaded for the Pirates. One out. Meat of the lineup. This could go really good or really bad.”

“…one run scored. 5-5.”

“And only one will score. I like you, Tyler William Lyons. I like you.”


“Oh jokes and puns make me want to puke.”

“He really is a stud, though.”

“Three strikeouts…my god.”




“So anyways, we should probably score.”

“Might block C70 and KeeneMLB for being little assholes.”

“Holliday is up with runners on first and second…GIDP?”

“Nope. Well good! No GIDP for Holliday yet this game!”

“ALL the LOB’s.”

“Took the words right out of my mouth, Doble.”

“Our bullpen is doing…awesome!”

“…it’s still 5-5.”

“Remember Mitchell Boggs?”

“Moss, please tuck your back pocket in.”

“Defensive shifts get the best of us sometimes.”

“Save. Big. Money. At Menaaaaaaaaaards!”

“The amount of empty seats I’m seeing at PNC Park irks me.”

“Our BP just got 9 K’s in a row…I might be in love.”

“Bullpen ERA on fleek! Do people still say that?”

“Did Broxton get a spray tan?”


“What is it with Pirates fans and their annoying noises?”

“Will Piscotty come through and make me love him even more?”

“…no. 5-5.”

“Hi Rosenthal. So what will it be this year?”

“Jaso has the nastiest hair I have ever seen”

“Extra innings. So it begins.”

“Kyle Lobstein has an ERA over 5.00 but I bet we still can’t hit off him.”

“Leave it to Cardinals fans to make the angry Pirates fan overused an in less than 5 minutes.”

“This is in the books for best Tweets I have ever seen.”

“Dear God if we lose in a walk-off that will be the end of me.”

“Swinging on 3-0…but got a single. Whatever works.”

“Our bullpen is doing work. Too bad our offense is terrible right now.”

“Poor bullpen. I’m thankful for you, bullpen. Don’t feel too bad.”

“It’s past my bedtime.”

“…we lost.”





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