The Twitter Broadcast – Opening Day

Note, Carly and CardsCards Did a Game 1 Recap Podcast – only 15 minutes. Feel free to listen to our agony here:
Opending Day Podcast

You know what makes us a bunch of sick psychos? Each one of us, no matter how much of a life we actually have, woke up this morning and immediately started talking Cardinals on Twitter.

We love it. And we know the Twitter Interaction actually enhances the game for us. It’s being surrounded by thousands of people who are cheering on for the same thing, living the highs and the lows, all while not spilling beer on us, or throwing up on our carpet.

An outsider would think to themselves, “So these people just sit on their devices all day on Twitter and talk to strangers about baseball and how terrible Mike Matheny is?” Yes, guy. That is exactly what we do.

It’s perfect.

So if you happened to miss today’s game on Twitter, here is some of the best of what we’ve found:

It’s opening day. Baseball is back.

This is terrifying…

The Cardinals were shut down in the 1st inning.

I love this…


This doesn’t interest me. Posting because she’s cute.

Then the Cardinals went on their now familiar, we refuse to even put a ball in play streak.

Tommy Pham got hurt. Jesus Christ, Tommy Pham got hurt.

(no idea what this means)

Look at this here idiot that didn’t pay attention to Pham grounding out to Freese.

Then the Pirates absolutely ruined the rest of our lives.

Gyorko walked!

Eventually, the Cardinals actually got a hit! When Holliday singled to center.

Then the Cardinals loaded the bases! For Kolten Wong…who isn’t a lefty masher.
And he struck out. Swinging for the fences. Again.

It’s actually painful to watch this offense. #STLCards

— Bobby Hrbek (@BobbyHrbek) April 3, 2016</blo

I love finding accounts that PERHAPS go a little farther off the deep end than I might.

Soon, we had an official game, but not a better game.

Then the Cardinals loaded the bases again! and Wong batted…again! It did not go well…again!


We saw Oh make his debut, but more importantly we saw a whole lotta this:

Oh dear…
And the Cardinals kept striking out, and perhaps people got a bit frustrated.

Then Seth, ohhhh Seth…

Soon, the Cardinals had fallen. Including the playoffs, the team has now lost 7 of 8. Recently, there isn’t much joy in Mudville, and I think you can feel that.




Really, just to sum it up:

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