2015 – I hate Johnny Cueto

I hate Johnny Cueto. You hate Johnny Cueto.  We don’t need to go over this. We all hate Johnny Cueto, and it’s not because of baseball. It’s because of basic tenets of humanity. The kick was bad enough. The lack of apology, the lack of remorse – then the actual complaining about getting left off the all star team in 2012 – yeah, I hate Cueto. He’s a bad person.

Well, another reason to love 2015, is that is should give you the grand memory that the Cardinals faced Johnny Cueto and beat him twice within a matter of weeks. It was beautiful.

To quote myself at the time “To me, all I can ever really ask for in a season, is that we beat Cueto.”

I stand by that. 2015 will be beautiful for that reason alone – save for the terrifying prospects of losing to him in the World Series in a Royals uniform.

Yeah, if you ever needed any proof that the Devil exists…

Anyway, before we get to the Cueto games let me share with you this moment that happened in a loss:

Randal Grichuk hitting his 1st home run of the season, a long towering drive. I still doubted him at this point, but you couldn’t ever doubt his power potential. I share this because I do remember this home run – but also because of the home run call.

I like Dan, I think he is a pretty good announcer, but this is just a plain creepy sounding call. He was verbally ripping off Grichuk’s uniform with his teeth.

The day after this home run, the Cardinals faced Cueto. Let’s face it, Cueto is an ace of a pitcher. You don’t expect to beat him. The Cardinals had to defeat him in what would become their typical 2015 fashion: By keeping the opponent from scoring. Wacha was on the hill for the Cardinals, and he was simply himself, limiting the Reds to one run on a Todd Frazier homer. A Kolten Wong sac fly tied the game, and then Cueto ended up taking the loss after this happened:

Ordinarily this wouldn’t count as a highlight worthy game. But you should never forget defeating Johnny Cueto.

The next game, however, would feature my favorite highlight of the entire season.

April 17th, this time at home in Busch stadium, the Cardinals – honoring Red Schoendienst (I did not look up how to spell it thank you very much) before the game took on Cueto again.

Again, Cueto was good. But the Cardinals were better.

Now, if you don’t remember what happened, let me ask you: As a Cardinals fan, which Cardinal do you want most to be the hero against the hated Reds?

Yeah, it’s Yadi time.

1-1 game, tied in the bottom of the 7th, and Cueto on the mound. This happened:

Believe it or not, that wasn’t even the highlight I was talking about. I love Matt Carpenter. He is, without a doubt, my favorite Cardinal. He has had some slumps this year, and as a result I think he has taken some unwarranted criticism. But I will declare that you can never criticize his competitive nature, and I’m frankly unaware how any fan couldn’t completely love him after this play:

Yeah, that’s beautiful. I can watch that all day, every day.

Oh, heck, let’s watch the entire game highlights:

The Cardinals faced Cueto twice, and beat him twice. That’s the definition of a good year.

(If you missed the last installment, go here -> http://stlcardscards.mlblogs.com/2015/09/13/2015-a-damn-fun-year/


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