On baseball elitists

It’s April, which means baseball is back, which means I am happier than usual.

but of course, this is me, so I’m also cranky about something. Right now, it’s the elitist Cardinals fan. It’s rather simple, with an emphasis on simple, to be an elitist Cardinals fan. If you’d like to be one of those arrogant little snobs, do the following:

How to be an elitist Cardinals fan:

1. Criticize the BFIB.

“Look, I may be. Cardinals fan, but I’m not one of THEM.”

Somewhere along the way Cardinals fans got the narrative of being the best fans in baseball. Naturally, this pissed off, oh, 29 other fan bases. It started becoming a popular thing to look at Cardinals fans as worse than the other teams.  The enlightened pointed out that SOMETIMES CARDINALS FANS BOO TOO!!





and on and on.

Soon, to be an elitist Cardinals fan you had to learn to distance yourself from that idiotic fan base. Not just distance, but criticize them. Because it’s more important to be liked by the cool kids baseball fans than to support your own fan base.

here is the truth.

All teams have smart fans and idiot fans. Duh.

All teams have fans that boo and fans that cheer old players, and pompous assholes, and saints, and fair weather fans, and die yards, and fans that only know the stars, and fans that hate the modern game, and casual fans, and fans that paint their chests and on and on.

We get it, not every great baseball fan happens to root for the Cardinals.

And thank you countless Twitter pages, there are some dumb fans of the Cardinals you use to happily smear the entire fan base.

but the reality is all fan bases are not equal.

St Louis routinely turns in tremendous attendance figures while playing in one of the smaller markets in baseball

heck, Forbes just rated them the number one fan base in baseball.

Local television ratings in Stl are incredible. Even for the All Star game, Stl ranks at or near the top every single year.

This is not Tampa Bay, or Cleveland, or Cincinnatti. The Cardinals truly do have a good fan base. Maybe even the best. This should be a source of pride. Instead the elitist let the sneering opponents color their views.

I’d far rather enjoy a game with pleasant Cardinals cheering folk then those that deride them. Because those that are deriding them for saying they are the best fans in baseball are actually doing so to separate themselves, and prove themselves to truly be the best fans. I don’t relish being around that sort of hypocrisy.


you see, being a moderate makes you appear smart in our society. if you are far on one side or another, you are crazy. But if you are in the middle-a mixture of two crazies-you are above it all. You are smart

early in the season, this is the crowd that parrots out the elitist attitude of SPRING STATS DONT MATTER. IGNORE THEM!

Spring stats don’t count in the official record book. That’s far different than saying they don’t matter.

Spring stats are data, and like all data they need to be put in proper context and judged as such. They DO count.

1.Kris Bryant hit about 97 home runs in Spring. It counts  it shows his power potential. Maybe not every at bat was against major league caliber pitching. Maybe his stats won’t directly correlate to the regular season, but you would be foolish to look at his spring stats and write it off as meaningless nothing. All data means something.

This relates to the Cardinals in the following way.

After a ear of having one of the worst offenses in baseball, the Cardinals had very little offensive turnover. 7 out of 8 regulars return. Several of the best are on the wrong side of 30. Jason Heyward should help, but the attributions of him recovering from what has been a declining offensive profile to become the power hitter he was several years ago were based upon nothing but idle speculation.

In other words, there is reason to think the Cardinals would improve, but not significantly. And perhaps if they were to improve, we could see some sign of this in Spring.

Instead the Cardinals continued their powerless ways to have the worst offense in Spring, and we’re the only team not to put up double digits in any game this spring.

So a team in a 2 year power decline that went through a horrible offensive year, where they made very few lineup changes, then went through a month of spring training games with no sign of actual improvement

But don’t dare point that out


i sure hope Mo thinks it counts and was noticing his offense continue their poor production.

this leads into IT’S ONLY APRIL

This is the elitist rule of you have to wait until June to judge your team.  Someone abstractly decided 2 months was the magical point in which the enlightened baseball follower could then make conclusions about how good a team or player is that season.

and the smart fans feel the need to remind the rest of us idiots that we have to remain calm, that we have to draw no conclusions until such a point in which they say it’s o.k. They know baseball. They heard a smart person say June, so wait until then. They know better.

So now we are all being cautioned about th Cardinals start. Don’t judge too quickly! It’s only April!

Matt Adams is off to a slow start. Personally I don’t believe he is a very good hitter. His stats devolved last year, he has no plate discipline, and he cannot, cannot, cannot hit left handers, 2 anecdotal playoff at bats aside.

6 months of this happened last year

it was the same thing in Spring.

its the same thing so far this year.

But the elitists would have you believe that because it happens to be a new regular season, he gets a restart. Now we have to wait until June to find out what we already learned last year.

Yadi has been an awful hitter this first week.  He had an awful spring. he hasn’t had a good full month as a hitter since April last year. He is in his age 32 season and has been a full time catcher for many years. This is the time when the vast majority of catchers, including the greatest ever, drastically decline.

A whole bunch of evidence, much more than the 1st 3 games of the season, suggest Yadi is on his way down. BUT IT’S ONLY BEEN 3 GAMES.

Yeah, I said he was declining. Not that he is going to hit .000

You can wait until June for this year’s proof that Yadi has beaten tremendous odds. I hope Mo isn’t.

Matt Adams and Yadi might split the MVP vote on this year’s record setting offense. I don’t know. Things could definitely go differently than last year. But before I buy into it I’d like some sort of evidence.

They had all Spring to show something. They’ve had 3 games to show something. They haven’t. However much meaning it has, it does have SOME meaning. Idle declarations to the contrary have nothing to back them up and thus no meaning.

This gets me attacked. This gets me criticized. That’s ok. Come June my thoughts will suddenly be the accepted norm. Again. Once the elites say it’s ok.




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